Action Rooms
new entertainment for all ages
combining escape room experience
with physical activities

Players become special agents, travelling through time and space.

Their goal is to finish the training and complete their mission.
High replayability
play again and again to increase the high score and access the bonus rooms with prizes
eye-catching design
each room is a journey to a different movie, epoch or book
entertainment for all ages
for players from 8 (accompanied by adults) to 50+ years
no special skills required
physical activity, which is fun and easy enough to be available for everyone
total of 17 action rooms
17 action rooms (12 standard ones, 4 bonus and 1 final)
challenges require different skills
12 game rooms are divided into 2 skill categories: 6 rooms for agility, 6 rooms for quick thinking. When players pass all 6 agility rooms - they get access to the bonus room, when they pass all 6 for thinking - they get access to another bonus room
... and have different theming
12 game rooms are also divided into 2 categories according to the plot/design: 6 rooms with journeys into the past and 6 rooms with journeys into the future. When players go through all 6 rooms from the past - they get access to the bonus room, when they go through all 6 from the future - they get access to another bonus room.
complete all rooms to get the prize
In total, players can unlock 4 bonus rooms. After completing them, they can get to the final, where a valuable prize is potentially waiting for them.
venue requirements:
500+ m2 of total space
ceilings 280+ cm high
opportunity to install quality ventillation
toilets / bathrooms
perfect for birthdays and corporate events
up-sell: snacks, drinks and merchandize
predictable business model with calculated roi
self-promoting business: your players spread the word and invite the new ones