Master and Puppets
100% ready-to-play escape room Cube you can assemble anywhere in 2 hours! Walls, wiring, props, and decorations - all ready to go with minimal effort.

Don't be afraid, open the door to the puppeteer's workshop. Once full of life and joy, this place is now dark and unsettling. The dolls follow you around with an unblinking gaze, the floorboards creak and the scorch marks and bloodstains tell a grim story… listen to it, if you dare.

A creepy tale set in a cursed toymaker's workshop. A tale of mystery, madness, and murder.

19 900€
  • 6.25 m2
    30 min duration
    2-3 players
    2-hour assembly
opportunity start your own business wherever you want
Fast installation. 2 hours - and you have fully operational Escape room Cube
self-promoting business: your players spread the word and invite the new ones
up-sell: thematic merch that comes straight from the varied settings of the games.
аn adventure, where the players become parts of stories - both unique and inspired by books and movies.
eye-catching design
entering the cube, the players travel to space, to the bottom of the sea, in different times and places
entertainment for all ages
for players from 8 (accompanied by adults) to 50+ years
a diverse set of challenges to make the players feel clever
small room that can fit anywhere
This game can fit in spaces regular escape rooms can't. 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) in all dimensions, this game is perfect for small spaces. You can install it in a shopping mall, or in whatever venue you have available. All you need is a small space to start your business.
Easy to install
2 pairs of hands, 2 screwdrivers, and 2 hours - all you need to fully assemble this escape room cube and start your own business wherever you want.
Different themes to choose from
You can find a game that fits your needs and your taste: a sci-fi adventure in deep space, a quirky steampunk game, a chilling horror, or a journey to the school of magic. Find the right combination of genres for you.
Quick turnaround
In total, players can unlock 4 bonus rooms. After completing them, they can get to the final, where a valuable prize is potentially waiting for them.