turnkey indoor laser tag arena
200 sqr m
For 12 people
Open in 50 days
What equipment is included:
12 psc
The blaster has gun damage sensor, load volume, online radio communication, the other hand sensor, polycarbonate frame and unique LED light effects. It weighs only 580 grams.
12 psc
The vest has 3 defeat zones (left- and right-hand side of the vest, back), powerful vibration and a changeable cuff. The vest weighs only 970 grams.
Interactive game bases (IGB)
2 psc
An universal device, which regulates player`s moves. can perfume several functions : base, target, land mine and turret. It has defeat sensors, speaker and RGB light.
15 psc
Radio Bases
2 psc
This device is used for reading statistics online and for game management. Compact frame size - 71x50 mm.
+ Software for online control
This computer software enables flexible online control of the game, makes it possible to change equipment settings, edit the scenario, read and print players` statistics.

Participants and spectators can watch the game, view the personal statistics and team score on a big TV screen.

The game scenario can be chosen from the list of ready scenarios or you can create your own.
Choose your plan
Only equipment
€18 900
  • Laser tag guns and vests
  • Scoring systems
  • Additional item
Only decorations
€27 900
  • Pillars and wall decor
  • Special effects
  • Complete set design
High replayability
play again and again with same or different opponents in various game modes
eye-catching design
huge futuristic arena, immersing the players into the lasertag battle
entertainment for all ages
for players from 8 (accompanied by adults) to 50+ years
no special skills required
physical activity, which is fun and easy enough to be available for everyone
modular arena structure
adjusts to any size of the venue
intense action
quick game sessions, providing lots of emotions for the players
different game modes
players can master their skills in one mode or continuously try new ones
team-building activity
great for families, corporate events and birthday parties
venue requirements:
300+ m2 of total space
ceilings 280+ cm high
opportunity to install quality ventillation
toilets / bathrooms
perfect for birthdays and corporate events
up-sell: snacks, drinks and merchandize
predictable business model with calculated roi
self-promoting business: your players spread the word and invite the new ones