Game Shows
new live-action game format that replicates TV Game Shows and puts the players in the center of them as contestants

Game shows as a business target the same audience as escape rooms, pub quizes, bowling, lasertag arenas and (to a certain degree) cinemas

But game shows have plenty of advantages compared to each of those entertainment solutions.

High replayability
you can play over and over again, facing new questions and challenges
eye-catching design
stylized spaces that can put TV sets to shame
entertainment for all ages
the questions and challenges can be tailored to different age groups and themes
trivia, guessing and bluffing games, musical challenges, and more, much more.
Adjustable size
the game space can be as grand or as small as you like
Adjustable format
You can pick a well-known format, or order something completely unique and fitting to your target audience and personal taste. Do you want the players to compete in their knowledge of movies? Or play a detective game where they try to figure out who's telling a lie?
dRecognizable and exciting
most of the players know how it works. Podiums, buzzers, scoreboards, and tricky challenges - we all saw that on our screens a million times. But now the players can be a part of it!
team-building and competition
the players can work together to beat the game or battle each other for the main prize.
venue requirements:
20+ square meters of free space
opportunity to install quality ventillation
Electrical outlets
perfect for birthdays and corporate events
up-sell: snacks, drinks and merchandize
predictable business model with calculated roi
self-promoting business: your players spread the word and invite the new ones