theme parks
massive decoration, props, and engineering
for your theme park
With 15 years of experience in creating theme parks and entertainment centers, there is no task we can't tackle.

As huge projects usually require a lot of subcontractors to get everything done, we can make your life easier by taking care of all possible areas - from design, documentation to actual construction and staff training.

  • everything's possible
    no project is too big or too small - we can create everything from small standalone props to 5-story buildings
  • Individual approach
    every project is unique and requires to be treated accordingly - and that's exactly what we do
  • massive decorations
    the size and scope is limited only by imagination (and sometimes budget)
  • complex engineering
    creating incredible decorations is great, but how about making everything interactive? that's something we are doing for 15 years
Describe your project and ideas
it's important for us to know what's your goal, what's the definition of perfect result for you and what drives you in this industry
that's where the real make-or-break things actually happen. as experienced team, we put our best foot forward to make sure everything's planned precisely
as it's barely anything we haven't done in this industry, the production is based on our previous experience - we know what works and what not
quality assurance and maintance
it's our job to triple-test everything, provide all necessary documentation for needed permits and make sure everything's accounted for